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top 20 destinations in July 2022

top 20 destinations in July 2022

What are the winning and losing destinations of July? An update from the Orchestra Barometer for L’Echo touristique.

Across all destinations, travel sales by physical and online agencies increased by 3% in July 2022 versus July 2019, according to the Orchestra Barometer for L’Echo touristique.

This is significantly less than in June 2022 (+29%), May (+46%), and even April 2022 (+18%). The phenomenon of Revenge Travel (Revenge Travel is running out of steam. Global inflation, sometimes high airfares and inventory problems on certain dates slowed the overall momentum.

Spain comes out on top of the destinations by a wide margin, strong with a 45% increase over July 2019, the benchmark year for the sector. Number 2 in the ranking, Greece is holding steady (+3%), as is France (-1%).

+145% for Tanzania

In the top 20, the first distant country remains the Dominican Republic, which has now established itself as a summer destination on the French market. The strongest increase is for Tanzania (+145%), which has been surprising for several months by its sustained rate of growth.

Every month we publish the destination barometer, produced by the Orchestra leisure platform for L’Echo touristiquewhich corresponds to the sales of tour operators in French offline and online agencies.

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