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Canada reinstates random border testing

Canada reinstates random border testing

The measure has been reinstated since July 19 for travelers arriving by air in Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto.

Canada has decided to reinstate random screening for travelers, including vaccinated travelers. “Beginning July 19, 2022, mandatory random screening tests will resume for travelers considered fully vaccinated who arrive in Canada by air at Canada’s four major airports – Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Toronto,” the Canadian government details in a release. All Covid-19 testing for air travellers, both fully vaccinated and partially or not vaccinated, will be conducted outside of airportseither during an in-person appointment at certain test provider locations (stores or pharmacies) or during a virtual appointment for self-testing,” the government adds.

Be aware that travelers who are not considered fully vaccinated, unless exempted, must continue to be tested on Day 1 and Day 8 of their mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Travelers notified by email

“Air travellers who are considered fully vaccinated who are selected for mandatory random testing as well as those who are not considered fully vaccinated will receive an email notification within 15 minutes of submitting their customs declaration, the Canadian government also says. The email will provide information to help them arrange for testing with a testing provider in their area. Unvaccinated travelers can complete their testing by making a virtual or in-person appointment with the test provider at their point of sale or at a participating pharmacy while meeting quarantine requirements.”

All travelers should finally continue to use ArriveCAN (mobile app or free website) to provide mandatory information regarding their travel within 72 hours of arriving in Canada or prior to boarding a Canada-bound cruise ship, with some exceptions.

More information on formalities here.

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