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This Retro-Futuristic Computer Has Been Made With A 3D Printer And Looks Like An Old TV

This Retro-Futuristic Computer Has Been Made With A 3D Printer And Looks Like An Old TV

Do you like retro computers? Then pay attention to the latest proposal from the hardware designer Penk Chen: a team with a retrofuturistic point and porthole-shaped monitor.

The design has been shared by Chen himself, who defines himself as a “digital nomad”, via GitHubwhere he has posted a good number of images and indications of his creation, a computer equipped with a Framework motherboard and a 5″ circular LCD monitor (1080×1080).

The case can be fully 3D printed and the device is compatible with the OLKB Preonic mechanical keyboard. “I always wanted a terminal with a round screen, with the product [Framework] Mainboard and its 2D drawing released. I finally had the chance to build one,” Chen himself recountswho adds, by way of icing: And yes, run Spacewar! 🙂”.

In a way, its rounded screen is reminiscent of that of the flagship PDP-1 computerthe first Digital Equipment Corporation computer manufactured around the 1960s.Mainboard Terminal SideviewMainboard Terminal ElectronicsMainboard Terminal Heroshot

The motherboard that you have used is from Framework, keyboard is a Preonic OLKB and as for the screen he used a 5-inch round LCD (1080×1080). “Everything works out of the box with Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, which is good,” he says when it comes to software.

To assemble his prototype, Chen used small 5×2 millimeter magnetsalthough he admits that he chose this formula for “purely aesthetic reasons” and the equipment can also be assembled by adding screw holes and cutouts that allow USB4 ports to be included.Mainboard Terminal Printed PartsMainboard Terminal IsometricviewMainboard Terminal Ubuntu

To complete his design, he used a combination of pearl white and silver. The result, of course, is spectacular, with a retro-futuristic touch reminiscent of the old terminals built with circular cathode ray tube oscilloscope screens.

Images | Penk (GitHub)

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