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Will the series be up to it?

Will the series be up to it?

First opinions have fallen, what is the Lord of the Rings series developed by Amazon Prime Video worth?

The Lord of the Rings holds a special place in the hearts of fantasy lovers. Reference in the genre, the saga imagined by JRR Tolkien is about to return to our screens, this time as a series.

It’s Amazon Prime Videolooking for a mother ship to impose its presence on the very competitive sector of SVODwho leads the boat. And the e-commerce giant has put the means since the series would be the most expensive in the history of the small screen.

$465 million were allocated for the production of the first season. A colossal budget for this project which is however particularly risky.

If Amazon can count on the strong community of fans to jump on the first episodes, it is as many spectators who could be disappointed at the idea of ​​seeing the work betrayed by the platform. Especially since history has taught us that they are often intransigent. The saga the Hobbithowever led by Peter Jackson, is far from having won unanimous support.

This time Amazon is not adapting a work by the writer, but is inspired by mythology to immerse us several hundred years before the adventures of Frodo and Sam.

Reassuring first opinions

A few weeks ago, a few lucky people were able to discover unseen footage from the series. In the presence of the showrunners J.D. Payne and patrick McKaythis exceptional screening was an opportunity for some undisputed fans to get their first thoughts. On Twitter, they shared their first impressions, and it’s rather reassuring.

They rent all the knowledge of the two creators, who obviously have at heart to pay homage to this masterful and colossal universe that is that of the Lord of the Rings. At least that’s the impression Tolkien got teachera user spotted by Allocinated.

“The Last week, I was invited with a team of Tolkien enthusiasts to a preview screening of scenes from the series The Rings of Power. I have to say thatafter having met the showrunnersI have a feeling the series is in VERY good hands.

Another adds:

“Their passion and knowledge made me feel like they were mon of us. I am very optimistic!

Validated by Sean astin

And these online pundits aren’t the only ones with high hopes for this series. Sean astinfamous for having camped Sam in the saga of Peter Jackson, was also able to discover the series in preview. During a interviewthe actor confessed to having had chills and is rather confident about the potential success of the series.

“MeI’m excited ! I saw the first images and it gave me chills. Looks like they have things well in hand. I’ve been saying it for a long time, they’re going to get it right. There’s no reason Amazon should pay nearly a billion dollars just to destroy the franchise.

He even hopes that like the previous two trilogies, the series will bring forth a new generation of fans. “For one or two generations, it will be brand new. They will eventually discover our version of The Lord of the Rings after seeing the series.

Fairly tough competition

But Amazon Prime Video will not be the only platform used back to school to bring back a saga of its kind. HBO also has the firm intention of creating a stir with the return of its flagship series: game of Thrones. At the end of next August, fantasy fans will be able to discover House of tea Dragonthe first of a long list of spin-offs in development.

After an abortive first project, the universe imagined by George RR Martin will open his doors to us again. Fans are eagerly awaiting this return, even if the end of the parent series was largely disappointing.

george RR Martin is also having fun with this competition which will be played out between the two licenses cults. He entrusts to Tea Independent hope that fiction HBO will get the most votes.

“If they win six Emmys Awardsand I hope they do, I hope we win seven. In any case, this is good news for Fantasy. I like fantasy. I like science fiction. I want more shows like this on TV.

The Lord of the Rings : The power rings must land on AmazonPrime Video next September 2. For House of the Dragonthe appointment is fixed a little earlier: the August 21 to be precise.

The two series will therefore have to work together to win the title of the most popular production of the moment. There is no doubt, however, that they will both attract crowds.

Watch The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power on Amazon Prime Video

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