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The most perverse series of the season is on HBO Max and it is as chilling as it is fun

The most perverse series of the season is on HBO Max and it is as chilling as it is fun

It has gone completely under all the radars, but ‘The baby’ is one of the most unique series that you can see right now on our streaming platforms. It is broadcast by HBO Max Y It consists of 8 half-hour episodes, of which it has been six with continuous twists and surprises.. If you want to see it in one sitting you will still have to wait a couple of weeks, but due to its rhythm and structure, it is worth savoring it little by little.

With elements hilariously looted from ‘The Devil’s Baby’, ‘The Prophecy’, ‘I Am Alive’ and other horror movies that mix babies from hell (in the biblical sense or not) and troubled mothers with the possibility that their child will be The very embodiment of all doomsday prophecies, this British series created by Lucy Gaymer and Siân Robins-Grace isn’t exactly a horror story. Not a comedy. It’s on uncharted ground between the two genres.

‘The baby’ tells how a young woman pissed off because all her friends are having babies he stumbles upon a child literally fallen from the sky. But that child is not what he seems, and he is leaving a trail of corpses in its wake Although we are not dealing with a seventy-centimeter murderer, but rather with an adorable force of nature that is chased by a mysterious woman who has been living in her car for decades.

With a range of characters that is far from the usual (the protagonist is an excellent creation of Michelle de Swarte without fear of falling tremendously unpleasant), and a tone that plays above all to bewilderment and continuous surprise, ‘The baby’ it is almost the mathematical opposite of the series of massed fantasy drawn with a set square and bevel. Although irregular and not always perfect, ‘The Baby’ is a breath of fresh air for its courage to go against the current and its hilarious bad grapes.

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