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the edition of messages in WhatsApp can be seen

the edition of messages in WhatsApp can be seen

WhatsApp goes at your own pace. Last month the reactions to the application arrived and now, according to information from WaBetaInfowe have news that from the app they are working on edit messages. Rivals like Telegram They already allowed this since 2016 and, although from WhatsApp already flirted with this function in 2017it seems that it is finally closer to materializing.

The editing of messages is visible

Currently, if we send a WhatsApp message there is no way to edit it. In fact, the app is quite restrictive even with their removal. If we delete a message, the other person will know that we have done it. Rivals like Telegram are committed to leaving no trace, although they do report when a message has been edited.

Click the message, edit it and send the modification. It does not seem so complicated, but there is still a lot of work ahead

From WaBetaInfo they have shown a screenshot of one of the latest versions of the app, which shows the option to edit when we leave a message pressed sent by us. According to the interface they show, it would be as simple as editing it from this option, and sending it again so that the modification is saved.

However, the option still looks pretty green, with an incomplete interface. This shows that the feature is nowhere near being released in beta versions, so we will have to wait to have it available. Despite this, it is good news that WhatsApp is working on something as basic as editing messages, a function that the app has well deserved for years.

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As usual, this feature will be polished until it is released in the beta channel of the app. Later, after the beta tests (which we can access), it will end up being released for the stable version.

Via | WaBetaInfo

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