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Sony promises a return to normal for the production of the PS5

Sony promises a return to normal for the production of the PS5

Between a shortage and a tense geopolitical context, Sony is trying to produce PS5s, but the situation should soon improve.

In early May, Sony revealed during a financial meeting that recent PS5 sales targets had been missed. Over the last fiscal year, the console then sold 3.3 million copies less than the original forecast. Despite an overall distribution of 19.3 million copies, this difference remains significant and a real blow for the Japanese manufacturer.

However, never mind, Sony intends to take the bull by the horns and finally get out of this endless shortage. The console had a good start, but it remains well behind the performance of the PlayStation 4 in its time. According to the company’s CEO Jim Ryan, the situation should soon take a more positive turn.

The pandemic and the war

Jim Ryan is unanimous on this subject: the sales results of the PlayStation 5 do not come from a lack of enthusiasm for the console, but from complex context of its production. The pandemic came to put spokes in the wheels of the youngest from Sony as it quietly prepared for its release. On top of that, now that things were starting to stabilize on this side, the manufacturer finds itself once again held back by another major event: the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Despite everything, Sony seems ready to resume production of consoles more beautiful and promises to catch up with PlayStation 4 sales speed by 2024 :

© Sony

This graph presented by the manufacturer during the last financial meeting explains that the objective is mitigate the effects of aggravating circumstances by researching numerous suppliers and optimizing console shipping routes.

More and more stock appearances have taken place in recent weeks, especially with the release ofa PlayStation 5+ bundle Horizon Forbidden West. This kind of increasingly frequent distribution does not fail to confirm that the situation is improving for Sony and that everyone will soon be able to afford a console whenever they want.

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