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OnlyFans Founder Launches Zoop, a Celebrity and Influencer NFT Platform

OnlyFans Founder Launches Zoop, a Celebrity and Influencer NFT Platform

The founder of OnlyFans is in turn launching into the NFT market with a new start-up called Zoop. It will market non-fungible tokens based on celebrities and influencers.

Starting this summer, it will be possible to acquire 3D NFTs bearing the likeness of personalities on the Zoop platform. Users will be able to buy tokens there, sell them and trade them. The concept, which resembles gamer cards but with celebrities and influencers instead, will allow customers to own rare virtual items. At launch, NFTs will be limited to 500 “cards” per influencer.

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This relative scarcity may allow NFTs to rise in value. Zoop specifies that its tokens will benefit from an official license, but the start-up does not indicate whether influencers will have a say in the creation of their NFTs and how they will be involved in their communities. The platform nevertheless intends to cultivate a closer connection between fans and personalities.

As has been the trend in recent months for this kind of project, the cards sold by Zoop will give access to special advantages such as exclusive NFT airdrops or the possibility of integrating communities that share the same interest. NFTs will be based on the Polygon blockchain, for two reasons: the first is that the fees for transactions are low there, the second is that it weighs less on the environment than others.

Zoop doesn’t want to stop at celebrity NFTs. The platform intends to create its own token, but it will be in a second step.

Zoop has the distinction of having been founded by the creator of OnlyFans, Tim Stokley. He embarks on this adventure RJ Phillips, another former adult social network. In this regard, the new platform is intended to be open to everyone, unlike OnlyFans, which after a controversy last year (the site wanted to ban pornographic content) backtracked, to the great relief of the creators.

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