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IBGE survey shows that Piauí does not have any municipality among the 50 with the lowest GDP

IBGE survey shows that Piauí does not have any municipality among the 50 with the lowest GDP

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The comparative study from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) carried out based on data from the IBGE survey shows that Piauí no longer has any cities on the poverty map. The survey shows that there is no longer any city on the list of the 50 municipalities with the lowest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per Capita.

According to the IBGE, a survey had already been carried out in 2010, 2014 and 2019 and even in 2010 by the IBGE, Piauí had three municipalities among the 50 with the lowest GDP per Capta. They were Curralinhos (GDP 2,820.87), Dom Inocêncio (GDP 2,934.02) and Fartura do Piauí (GDP 2,938.43). In 2014, the state remained with three municipalities on the list. This time, there were the cities of Cabeceiras do Piauí (GDP 4,648.32), Campo Largo do Piauí (4,659.56) and Massapê do Piauí (4,671.00).

In the survey carried out in 2019, the most recent, Piauí no longer had any municipality in this situation. The states with the highest number of cities with low GDP are Maranhão, with 40, in the 2019 survey, and Bahia, with three municipalities.

Governor says result points to development

Governor Regina Sousa says that the study shows that the state is indeed having investments, which are proven in the results. “That’s nice. It means that the income of the piauiense grew. We overtook some states and are no longer on that list of the 50 smallest,” she said.

Also according to the manager, the expectation is that in the next IBGE survey the situation will be even better, since Piauí reached in 2021 the highest investment rate in its history, which exceeded 15% of the Net Current Revenue (RCL) , which was R$ 11.420 billion last year.

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