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Health plans have a record high

Health plans have a record high

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Brazil is The country of high inflation, pressured a lot by the prices of food and fuel, now has another record price rise, and above inflation, with the authorization by the National Complementary Health Agency (ANS), this Thursday (26), correction of 15.5% in the monthly fees of individual and family health plans for the period from May 1 of this year to April 30, 2023.

Press vehicles report that this is the highest increase for plans since when the current model took effect, in 2000. The highest percentage, before that, had been in 2016, when the agency authorized a 13.57% increase in plans .

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According to the reports, the percentage, which is not valid for collective, business and membership plans, should impact a universe of almost 9 million people, which corresponds to about 17% of the more than 49 million users of supplementary health. .

With the reality of salary readjustments that do not make up for losses, the middle class that uses the plan also loses purchasing power.

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