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five options starting at $299

five options starting at $299

AYN, manufacturer of AYN Odinthe goal has been set to create the portable console compatible with Windows “most affordable ever created”. The Asian company has just presented the device it has created: AYN Loki, a new model with an external appearance quite similar to Odin, which runs the Microsoft system and has five versions with a starting price of $299.

The announcement has been launched by the firm itself through social networks, with a video on YouTube Y Instagram posts in which some progress relevant details of the project, such as prices and certain technical characteristics that define the five configurations.

The cheapest, the Loki Mini, costs $299, includes an Alder Lake U processor, and has 64GB of storage. Three standard versions of Loki follow, all with AMD Ryzen 6600U but three capacity options — 64, 256 and 512 GB — that range in cost from $499 to $699. And finally, a Loki Max with AMD 6800U (512 GB) for $799.

From Odin to Loki

the popular youtuber taki udon In any case, it specifies that the storage capacity could be replaceable, which would leave those who acquire the cheapest models the possibility of increasing it if they need it. What can already be known with the data provided by the firm itself is that its starting model is cheaper than, for example, the 64GB Steam Deck.

Despite his resemblance to the Odin console, Loki could also present some differences. For example, the device that the company already has with Android includes buttons with an X, A, B, Y design, in the Nintendo line. In the case of Loki, the configuration is reminiscent of the Xbox.

What remains unchanged, at least according to the video released by the company on YouTube, are the rest of the buttons and joysticks, the USB-C port, the audio jack and the microphone. As for the size, Udon slides that the dimensions may vary from one model to another.

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