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Amazon stops paying commission to Google and stops allowing purchases within Audible, Kindle and Music on Android

Amazon stops paying commission to Google and stops allowing purchases within Audible, Kindle and Music on Android

Amazon has stopped allowing in-app purchases Audible, Kindle and Music for Android. With this movement, the company gets rid of paying commissions to Google, but makes digital purchases more complex, forcing users to carry out the process outside the application, for example, from a browser.

How Engadget collects, the changes respond to the new guidelines of the Play Store that will take effect on June 1. These, which had already been announced, demand that all developers of applications process their payments related to goods and services through the payment system of the Android application store.

Exceptions are over

The Play Store’s commission policy has been active for several years, but some developers, including Amazon, had the ability to use alternative payment systems. Now, with the new rules, this is no longer an option. Either they pay the commission (usually 30%) or they risk having their app removed from the store.How does this affect users? Basically, instead of giving Google a commission for each sale made, Amazon has decided to shut down purchases altogether. On Kindle, for example, you can no longer buy books. The buy button now displays a popup advising you to create a reading list and continue the process on the Amazon page.

The same goes for Amazon Music and Audible. If someone tries to make a purchase or start a subscription, the app will display the following message and invite the user to continue the process from their web browser. “In order to comply with Google Play Store policies, you will no longer be able to purchase new content from within the app.”

Recall that after the legal battle led by Epic Games against Google to remove Fortnite from the Play Store for using an alternative payment system, and after legal pressure, the Mountain View giant announced that I would try to allow third-party payment systemsbut with a reduced commission.

What Epic Games has not achieved with Apple, dating apps have achieved in the Netherlands: it will have to allow other payment methods there

Pilot tests will start with Spotify, but at the moment there is no certainty that this possibility will become a real alternative for all developers. On the contrary, Google has tightened its rules with its most recent move.

It should be noted that Google is not the only company that requires payment of commissions for sales through its store. Apple also does the same with its App Store. Amazon, remember, withdrew purchase support for digital books from iOS devices in 2011 for this reason.

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