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When Google Mess Up Its SEO Training With Outdated Concepts… – SEO & Engine News

When Google Mess Up Its SEO Training With Outdated Concepts… – SEO & Engine News

Google offered a few days ago a course on marketing and e-commerce in which certain notions of SEO were completely outdated. Ooopppssss…

Little anecdote that happened a few weeks ago and discovered by the consultant Gianluca Fiorelli : early May, Google offered free online courses in the United States. Among the different modules offered by these Google Career Certificatesone of them is called ” Google Digital Marketing and E-commerce “, latest addition to the course.

And in this course, here is what was indicated when the subject of SEO was discussed:

  • Write more than 300 words on your web page. Your webpage is more likely to rank higher in search engine results pages if you write a larger volume of quality content.
  • Keep your keyword density below the industry standard of 2%. This means that 2% or less of the words on the web page must be target keywords.
  • Think about keyword placement. Your keywords should only be used once in the following places on each page of your website: page title, subtitle, first paragraph, and body text conclusion.

Here is a screenshot of the original lesson:

Screenshot of SEO course from Google Career Certificates training. Source : Gianluca Fiorelli

First, we can discuss the 300-word barrier, especially in an official course advocated by Google. But where the anecdote is funny, it is on the mention of the keyword density, which is at best a totally obsolete concept for years, and at worst a criterion of relevance that has never been taken into account by any search engine algorithm. Even Matt Cutts was saying it in 2012 and 2011. So to see an official course from the Mountain View firm quoting this concept is amusing, if not laughable, to say the least. As for the limit of 300 words, it would have been copied a little without trying to understand on a page of the Yoast sitethe well-known WordPress SEO plugin.

And no, clearly these numbers are not “industry standards” (industry standards), as shown in the course.

IfFinally, Google removed the slide 24 hours after social networks leaked the “case”, explaining through Danny Sullivan that the company’s “Search” team was not at all behind this content.

Like what :

  • It’s the demonstration that when Google talks about SEO, you really shouldn’t take everything at face value.
  • Asking an intern to do the slides for a course on marketing is not a good practice… 😉
  • Choose one SEO training worthy of the name ! 😀

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