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Web writing: what are the differences between freelancers and agencies? – SEO and engine news

Web writing: what are the differences between freelancers and agencies?  – SEO and engine news

Whether for the production of blog articles, product sheets, showcase pages or white papers, outsourcing web writing is a common practice. But faced with the multitude of possibilities, everyone can find themselves lost. Between freelance and agency, what are the advantages and disadvantages?

I was a freelance web editor. Then I surrounded myself with other freelancers before setting up an agency specializing in content production and hiring writers. I was thus able to experience the differences between these structures. To perfect my point of view, I have also asked advertisers on LinkedIn to share their experiences. We will therefore try here to go around the question, between freelance and agency, and look for what can change between these two forms of work.

Agency, freelancer, what are the differences?

To fully understand the problem, it is important to start with a definition. And she is not easy. In theory, a freelancer is an independent person who works on behalf of different clients. And an agency is made up of several people working within the same company, again for different clients. It is therefore first of all a question of numbers which is opposable.

However, this is mostly a theory. Because today the forms of structures are multiple and the borders permeable. There are freelancers, alone. Freelancers organized into structured collectives that take on the appearance of agencies without having the legal form. Agencies integrating multiple internal profiles. Smaller agencies, which call on freelancers to reinforce their staff on certain missions. Agencies that only have an agency in name since they are made up of one or two people and that systematically surround themselves with external resources.

The difference that can be highlighted, if not the number or the legal form, is above all the structuring of a team against the freedom of a single person.

A matter of trust

When I asked the question on LinkedIn of the choice between an agency or a freelancer for web writing, the question of the trust immediately appeared. The freelancer, too free, would be more inclined to desert a project or to lack application in the long term, leaving the client in an uncomfortable position.

Reaction to a LinkedIn post collected on June 2, 2022

The structure of the agency inspires more confidence. Perhaps this is due to the greater responsibilities incumbent on him, particularly in terms of charges and salaries to be paid? An agency, perhaps, can afford less to neglect a project or lower its quality? However, this argument seems quite subjective. Definitely have to look elsewhere.

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