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Twitter Removes Nofollow From Its External Links – SEO & Engine News

Twitter Removes Nofollow From Its External Links – SEO & Engine News

For a few weeks now, external links on Twitter have lost their Nofollow attribute. Does this mean that it’s a good deal in SEO? Not so sure…

Have you noticed that the social network Twitter has removed the Nofollow from its external links in tweets and profiles of its members for some time? However, this attribute was present since 2008 in the source code of bios, then tweets.

Example with this message posted this morning:

Tweet test to verify the absence of Nofollow in the link tag to my personal site. Source : Twitter

And in this code, the link is indeed present in this form, without Nofollow attribute:

And the address redirects to And that’s where it gets a little complicated, because it’s not a 301 redirect, which could have been interesting in SEO. The URL actually returns a code 200 (OK) and redirects in the form of a script (or meta “refresh” if the script is not taken into account):

However, on the Twitter page displaying a post (second example here), the URL in question does not appear to appear in clear text in the source code.

So don’t panic, it is likely that the case will not be so interesting in SEO, because even if Google follows the JS link, it is very likely that the algorithm has been settled by the engine teams. research to depreciate this type of link. This is unlikely to change anything in your rankings… But it was still worth noting…

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