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Shazam continues its integration into iOS

Shazam continues its integration into iOS

Shazam, the music recognition service acquired by Apple, continues to integrate deeper and deeper into iOS. The Shazam button in Control Center syncs recognized content with the Shazam app.

Although Apple has officially owned Shazam since September 2018, the integration of the music recognition service continues within the iPhone, in parallel with the development of the Android version. In 2020, the application found a place in the iOS control center in the form of a button to touch, thus making it possible to recognize a song very quickly without having to launch the application.

All-round synchronization

Very practical therefore, but the integration was not optimal, especially with the Shazam application. Apple fixed things: now, on all devices running iOS 15, recognizing a song with Control Center syncs with app history. In other words, we will find in the Shazam application the information on a title recognized by the control center button.

It’s a small novelty that was inaugurated with the first beta of iOS 16, but now all users can take advantage of it. The other change, which still concerns the synchronization system, will also please those who use Shazam on several devices. By holding down the control center button, you can access the history of songs identified by the system, not only on the device in use, but also from all other terminals connected to the same Apple account. This is regardless of whether the songs have been recognized by the control center or the application.

Last September, Apple announced that the Song ID button in Control Center had surpassed one billion recognized songs on iPhone and iPad. For the manufacturer, this function has therefore become essential and for users, it is a very useful service. Shazam can also be summoned with Siri.

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