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How to optimize an offer of stores, branches and store locator in SEO? (1st part) – SEO news and engines

How to optimize an offer of stores, branches and store locator in SEO?  (1st part) – SEO news and engines

To follow up on two years of confinement and curfew, it has never been so important to work well on the referencing of its stores. Despite the closures of the main brands deemed non-essential during 2020 and 2021, local searches represent 46% of global searches. To increase your local online visibility, there are several strategies including creating a Locator store! However, it is often neglected with simply a generation of local pages that are not always SEO friendly depending on the partners or the Framework chosen. Finally, duplicating a large part of the content between the different files will be the fatal gesture for the absence of total visibility of your establishments!

There are several examples of retailers who saw their local traffic explode during Covid while their store was closed. Indeed, users had several reasons to inquire both during confinement and curfew: Find an open establishment, find out if the brand offered drive-thru or click & collect or even try to contact a merchant by compared to an order that could take weeks to reach us given the number of requests. A large brand we work with saw its orders multiplied by 10 during confinement! Its traffic on Local Phrases has exploded with customers desperate for food for their pets. Fortunately, the brand offered the drive to feed these poor beasts.

Multiply the points of contact

When looking to position oneself on expressions with a local intent, one must keep in mind that this may or may not include a locality.

Examples of searches with Google Map results without notion of locality (left) and with (right).

You must also create opportunities by multiplying the referencing of your establishment in several spaces:

  • Presence on local specialized directories: Yellow Pages, TripAdvisor, Yield, etc. ;
  • Presence within Profil Business (formerly known as Google My Business)
  • Presence within a Locator store attached to your site.

Each of these locations will allow you to obtain a result on the local expressions that you are targeting.

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