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Goossips: Toxic Links – SEO & Engine News

Goossips: Toxic Links – SEO & Engine News

Some information on Google (and sometimes Bing) and its search engine, gleaned here and there unofficially in recent days, with on the program this week some answers to these agonizing questions: What to do when you detect so-called “backlinks” on your site? toxic” or that certain tools have designated as such?

Here is a small compilation of information provided by official Google spokespersons in recent days on various informal networks (Twitter, Hangouts, forums, conferences, etc.). So “gossips” (rumor) + Google = “Goossips” 🙂

The communication of the search engine being sometimes more or less subject to caution, we indicate, in the lines below, the level of confidence (reliability rate) that we grant to the information provided by Google (from 1 to 3 stars , 3 stars representing the maximum confidence rate) – and not to the source which speaks about it.

Goossips: Duplicate Content and Spammy Links

Goossips: Toxic Links. Source : Google

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