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Google wants to file for bankruptcy in Russia, but continues to offer its services for free – SEO & Engine News

Google wants to file for bankruptcy in Russia, but continues to offer its services for free – SEO & Engine News

Google Russia could file for bankruptcy following the blocking of the company’s accounts by the country’s government. A new stage in the current fight between the Kremlin and the firm of Mountain View…

Google recently indicated that its bank accounts in Russia had been seized by the government of Vladimir Putin and that the first consequence of this action was that the subsidiary of the Mountain View firm in this country would file for bankruptcy.

Russian authorities’ seizure of Google Russia’s bank account prevents our office in that country from operating, employing and paying our employees there, paying suppliers and vendors, and meeting other financial obligations “, explains the company in a press release issued by Reuters. Google, however, states that people in Russia rely on our services for access to quality information and we will continue to maintain free services such as Search, YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Android and Play »

According to a note published on Wednesday on the official Russian register Fedresurs, the Google subsidiary intended to declare bankruptcy and had been planning since March 22 for an “inability to meet its monetary obligations”, including severance pay, remuneration of the current and former staff and mandatory payments on time.

In December 2021, a Russian court had already sentenced Google to a fine of €87 million, accusing the American group of not having removed content considered “prohibited” by the dictatorship in place. In the process, the closure of the YouTube account of the lower house of the Russian Parliament and the blocking of many pro-Putin channels did not help the affairs of the American firm. The database of the Federal Bailiffs Service of Russia has listed two seizures since mid-March, without specifying the amounts, as well as other fines and enforcement costs. The service confirmed that it had seized assets and property from Google.

Google has confirmed that it has transferred many of its employees out of Russia since Moscow declared war on Ukraine on February 24.

Google is now considered in Russia as a company carrying out “terrorist” activities, its tools could be blocked in the near future in what looks very much like a showdown between the two parties. In this case, even the free services that it has decided to leave available online could no longer work, in particular leaving the field open to Yandex (itself in a sensitive situation) in terms of the search engine… For information, Google’s parent Alphabet said last month that Russia accounted for 1% of its revenue last year, or about $2.6 billion.

Google in Russia. Source: DR

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