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Google has changed its algorithm for understanding page titles – SEO & Engine News

Google has changed its algorithm for understanding page titles – SEO & Engine News

Google has implemented a change in the algorithm for displaying (or not) the content of Title tags in the SERPs (what was called “Titlegate” a little less than a year ago) for sites offering content and a title in different languages…

Google recently announced a small change in its algorithm that allows it to better understand the content of the Title tags of the pages, in other words what some called the “Titlegate” in late summer 2021.

Here is what it is for this new modification: This week, we introduced an algorithmic enhancement that identifies documents whose title element is written in a different language than its content. This enhancement chooses a title similar to the language of the document. It is based on the general principle that the title of a document must be written in the language of its main content. This is one of the reasons why we might go beyond the title elements in the SERPs. »

For example, if a title is written in two languages ​​(often a translation), only the part corresponding to the language of the content will be kept. Or if the content is written with specific characters of a given language but the title is in English, the latter will be translated into the original language to remain consistent with the whole document.

In general, therefore, if there is no obvious consistency between the content of the Title tag of a document and the language in which it is written, Google will try to find a solution to display in its SERPs a version which seems to him more effective. The case certainly won’t happen every day, but it actually seems quite logical…

Two examples of title changes in the SERPs shown by Google. Source : Google

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