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Google Changes and Simplifies Search Console Messages – SEO & Engine News

Google Changes and Simplifies Search Console Messages – SEO & Engine News

Google has announced that it is in the process of modifying the reports of the Search Console by offering only two tabs in most of its tools, the notion of warning (orange tabs) disappearing in favor of two notions of the type Valid/ Invalid…

Google announced yesterday a change in Search Console: until now, most reports returned 3 possible states for elements (URL, tags, etc.): Error, Valid with warnings and Valid.

The intermediate statement (Valid with caveats) will therefore disappear in favor of the other two: we group the elements (rich result, web page or URL) into two groups: pages or elements with critical problems are labeled as invalid; pages or elements with no critical issues are labeled as valid “. Google continues: this is only a change to the way results are presented in Search Console. There are no changes to how Google Search crawls, indexes or ranks your pages. »

The process of setting up this new display will be done gradually: “ we will be rolling out this change to all properties gradually over the next few months, so you may not see any changes at this time. » Consequence: theURL Inspection API will not be updated at first and will only be changed when the integration of this feature is 100% complete, within a few months.

A decision which remains surprising, because the concept of warning seemed interesting and understandable to us, in any case not subject to ambiguity. But what Google wants…

Search Console reports before and after this change: warnings (orange tab) will disappear. Source : Google

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