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For its 15th anniversary, Google Street View travels back in time – SEO and search engine news

For its 15th anniversary, Google Street View travels back in time – SEO and search engine news

Created in 2007, the Google Street View 360° mapping tool celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. On this occasion, he tests a new camera, lighter and more manageable and offers to go back in time in the places explored since his birth…

Google Street View celebrates its 15th anniversary this year. The tool is now available in more than 100 countries and territories and offers a number of new features for this occasion.

Google first unveiled the Top 3 of the most viewed destinations on the tool: the 154 floors of the Burj Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates, considered the tallest building in the world, the Eiffel Tower and the special collection of images from inside and outside the Taj Mahal in India. On this occasion, other image collections were unveiled, for example at the Army Museum, at the Invalides Where in the pyramids of Meroe in Sudan .

In France, the 3 most visited destinations are:

  1. Eiffel Tower
  2. Ocean Serpent
  3. Louvre Museum
  4. Triumphal arch
  5. Disneyland Paris
  6. The Parc des Princes
  7. Sacred Heart
  8. Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral
  9. Castle of Versailles
  10. The pantheon

A new camera in the test phase

In the chapter of noveltieswe will note a new camera, with a very Pixar look and a minimal weight (less than 7 kgs), which should be launched next year: “ all the load, resolution and computing power, hitherto integrated into a car, will now be available in a single ultra-portable camera, no bigger than a big cat (…) Now we can modify this device modular and add components like a lidar (a laser scanner) to capture views in even greater detail, including road markings or potholes (…) Our new camera can be mounted on any vehicle equipped with a roof rack and be controlled directly from a mobile device: no need for a specialized car or complex processing equipment explains Google on its blog.

The new Google Street View camera. Source : Google

Google Street View explores time

On the other hand, from today and everywhere in the world, on Android as on iOS, it is also possible to travel in time directly in Google Street View from a smartphone. When viewing images in the tool, tap anywhere on the photo to view information about the location. Then click on “See more dates” to see all the images of this place that have been published since Street View launched in 2007. These images can thus show the evolution of a place over time.

Example of temporal exploration thanks to Street View (images of the Vessel in New York). Source : Google

We therefore wish a happy birthday to Google Street View which, it must be said, is an extremely practical tool on a daily basis when traveling…

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