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14 websites with telecommuting offers where you can find remote jobs

14 websites with telecommuting offers where you can find remote jobs

We bring you a list of 14 pages where you can find telecommuting offers, so that you can find a new job that you can do remotely from home. In recent years, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the growth of telecommuting, and many platforms have been adapting or have been born to focus on this type of employment.

We have compiled a list of 14 resources so you can start looking. Most of them are pages specialized in telecommuting, almost all of them for international jobs. However, we have also included some websites for work in Spain, or lifelong employment pages that have a filter that is easy to find and click to select only remote offers.

We have tried to focus on some of the most important pages, although we have also included some lesser known ones. However, as we always say at The Charter Basics, if you think we have left out something that should be on our list, We invite you to share it with everyone in the comments section. so that readers also benefit from the knowledge of our xatakeros.

AngelList Talent is a page focused entirely on publishing telecommuting offers. But this is something that it has in common with the vast majority of portals on this list. What really makes this portal special is that post only startup offersso it’s a good opportunity to join young teams hungry for success.

Some of the peculiarities of this platform is that it puts you directly with the owners of the startups, without intermediaries, and that they offer a quick process to subscribe to the offers. Otherwise, focuses a lot on the technology sectorespecially in software development. As for jobs, there are plenty for American and Indian startups, and there are some European ones, but fewer.



It is one of the most veteran and reputable portals that specializes in remote work. It is in English and was born in 2007, but it is the one used by many reputable companies. In total, it has more than 30,000 jobs available from more than 8,000 different companies.

The website is capable of carrying out an exhaustive filtering of the proposals that are presented, in order to ensure that they are competitive and as transparent as possible. All this with a system of 50 professional categories, with a special focus on those related to development. Perhaps their only weak point, which at the same time allows them to be competitive and careful, is that it is a payment platformusers must pay to use it and apply for offers.

Google Careers


This is the Google portal to offer your own job offers, so that if you want to work in one of Google’s offices around the world, you have a place to look. Here, it stands out that you can choose to only see remote jobs when you’re on the job listings and look at the location filter.



This is one of the most popular portals in Spain to look for a job, so given the rise of specific platforms for teleworking, it has decided to evolve. For this reason, among the filters that it has when it comes to categorizing job offers for users, there is also that of telecommuting.

All you have to do is perform a search or click directly on the To look for a job of the web. In it, in the filter column on the left you will have the section Face-to-face / Telecommutingwhere you are told if you want face-to-face work, telework or hybrid work to be able to decide the flexibility you need.

The lack of waiters as a symptom: nobody wants to spend 12 hours behind a bar while others telework



Is about a small remote job search portal, which has offers from all over the world, especially focused on the technology sector. Its operation is simple: you perform the search and can even specify the location, review the offers, and when you click on one to apply for the job, it will take you to the company’s website where the offer appears.

Jooble Spain


This is a job search engine in Spain, where more than 90,000 job offers are currently listed from 2,900 web pages, and it is especially focused on the national territory. All you have to do is write a keyword for a job and choose (or not) the Spanish city where you want to search, then you will see all the results

The interesting thing about this page for the topic that concerns us today is that It has a tab where you can filter the jobs that are remoteso that it easily lists all the telecommuting that is available within its search engine.



LinkedIn is the main social network focused on work, and as such it is also one of the main employment platforms in the world. In it you have your profile, your contacts, and you have a jobs section where you will be able to find jobs related to your skills or your experience.

When you’re in the find a job section, you have a filter so that only remote job offers appear. To do this, you just have to start a normal search for a job by typing the keyword, and in the list of results you will have a tab of all filters where will you find the option in remote either Remote. It is also possible that, as in the screenshot, it is offered to you as a suggestion.



Malt is not a portal dedicated to finding a company that wants to hire you, but one focused on offers for freelancers who work remotely. By registering you will create your freelance profile, with your experience, portfolio, and other information about what you have done in the past, so that companies can find you.

Yes, this is all backwards, because It is the companies that look for candidates and contact you to send you proposals. Also, multiple Spanish companies participate or Spanish speakers, so it is one of the few portals on this list that is not focused on offers in English.

Teleworking has many benefits for Spaniards.  Also in your pocket: 100 euros more per month



This is another page focused on freelancers who are looking for odd jobs, much like Malt but in reverse. On this website, companies publish the projects they want to carry out online, and it is the freelancers who review the proposals and contact the company that interests them to offer to do so.


It is a platform for job offers that is in English and, like most of the list, is specifically specialized in teleworking. As a small curiosity, it has a section in which it shows you a kind of Q&A made to hundreds of companies who participate in the platform. Many questions are self-promoting, but there are

Here, you will find hundreds of offers, many of them for jobs related to the technology sector. Such is its weight that this platform offers you two free weekly newsletters, one of them especially aimed at offers from the technology sector, and another for the rest of the offers.



A small job search portal specialized in remote work. You just have to choose one of their categories or search for a search term, and you will see all the results. Your search engine has the peculiarity that you can adjust the salary offered by the offers to focus on specific ranges.



A portal in English where you will be able to find various types of job offers, all of them work remotely. It is a portal whose offers focus almost all on US companies and startups, with a large presence in the technology area, although it also has a section for others from other parts of the world, although without being able to specify how you can do it to find them in the US.

Its search engine is not very complete, you cannot specify locations or specific salaries, although this information will be shown in the list of results that you have in your searches. When applying for the position, sometimes you go to the portal of the company itself, and what Remotive asks you is that you say that you are on their side.

When the computer asks you to rest: this is the software that detects burnout according to what you write

We Work Remotely


Another popular and powerful platform to find a job that, as its name indicates, is specialized in remote job offers or telework. For candidates it is a free platform and in English, although companies have to pay to publish proposals, and they are payments of between 300 and 600 dollars, so they are offers that are taken seriously.

For companies, in exchange for this payment, they not only publish their offers, but also offer them human resources services to facilitate and speed up the selection and hiring process. And for the candidates, the website has strict quality control of the offers to make sure they are all competitive and there are no cheats.

Working Nomads

Working Nomads

Working Nomads is another international portal specialized in telecommuting offers, and all of them are in English. It has a lot of job offers, and a lot of it has to do with the technology sector, because you might want to take a look at it.

It is also a page that strives to offer only credible and reliable offers. For this, the portal collaborates with several external companies that help review and select the offers so that they have quality control. Again, the page charges companies to be able to publish their job offers.

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